Well... What a week it has been since our last edition! First of all, we want to let all our readers know that everything in this edition was true and correct at the time of going to print. With so many changes and updates daily, we are struggling to keep up. We will do our best to ensure you get the facts as best as we can, but we don’t want to harp on and on about COVID-19. In saying that, please bear in mind that this edition will have a few things you need to know with “Stage 1" of the pandemic response announced.

On Monday 23rd March, 2020 at midday, “Stage 1" began. This was in response to many Australians not taking the spread of the virus seriously, the Prime Minister closed all entertainment venues, clubs, pubs, bars, nightclubs and more, with cafes and restaurants to trade with take away and delivery only. Also, that Australians must only shop when it is needed, and when in public, use social distancing to help reduce the spread.

Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, spoke recently in a media conference about what it means for Queenslanders. In a condensed version, everything the Prime Minister said, but with emphasis to stay in our own suburbs, and that this is not a time for holidaying. No going to stroll at the local shopping centre. No meeting for a coffee or lunch. No dining out. No going to the beach. No going to the park. No camping. Mention of these school holidays coming up and that they in fact will not be school holidays. We, as a nation must adhere to what “rules” are being put in place in order to stop our COVID-19 numbers rising dramatically. Many are ridiculing the decision to keep schools open as contradictory, and we have spoken to many teachers who are under a lot of stress due to this decision. They are on the front line along with our retail stores and takeaway food employees and doctors and all medical staffing that goes with them.

This is something that is going to impact our lives for many months to come yet. We can’t help but think that if we follow instructions given by the government, this virus may not impact our country as it has over seas. What other choice do we have, right? Many businesses have already shut completely, many employees are now unemployed. Centrelink is being bombarded with calls and people in their inundating their centres trying to make sure they have money to eat, pay bills, keep a roof over their heads. At this time, we feel that we need to have faith that our government is going catch us. The stimulus packages haven’t been finalised. There is a lot to consider to ensure all Australians are ok. Many more announcements will come. Banks have already offered freezing loan repayments. There will be more to come too. We don’t really have much choice but to wait as each announcement reveals who gets what next.

We had intentions of printing a four page spread which consisted of all the businesses still open, but as the days got closer to time of print, it became harder to keep up. Instead, we want to remind all our readers that we need to keep supporting our local businesses. Keep them from closing down too. Almost all our cafes and restaurants are trading with take away and delivery. Your favourite café, your favourite breakfast place, your favourite places to dine.... all still open, trading with minimal staff and all implementing what needs to be implemented to keep their staff and patrons safe. Yes, we are all suffering with wage loss or worse, but if you can afford a take away coffee, or a quick bite of fish and chips, get it delivered and have a small enjoyment with something so simple. And don’t forget our trades and services out there struggling too. They are all still operating and implementing cleanliness for your safety too. In fact, our car is being serviced while we speak. We will do our best to help ALL our local businesses when and where we can.

And now, we start to wonder, that by the time this edition is in your lap, will the schools be closed and we will in effect go into “Stage 2"? We ask all of our readers, no matter what your beliefs are right now, to take the time to breathe, remember we are avoiding spreading this virus, and look after yourselves as well as others when in public. We ask that you keep an eye on our elderly where possible and are they ok? Social distancing is serious and it does make it hard to do many of our daily routine things, but we just have to alter our lives and not cease it altogether in a complete lock down as we have seen over seas. Social distancing has proven to help contain a virus so let’s give it a go! When we were shopping for essentials on Monday, it was pleasant to see that everyone was moving around each other and doing a good job of social distancing. No body seemed stressed or angry. There was no toilet paper but that ridiculous saga will end soon and shops will go back to normal once everyone realises there is enough for all! We don’t even want to talk about that drama!

So... let’s get into this week’s edition shall we? While trying to continue to support the community, and with the news changing so rapidly, we had to make the decision to shrink this week’s edition down... but don’t worry, it won’t be followed on to next week’s edition. These are testing times for us all. Reach out if you need help, and remember readers, be kind to one another. We are in this for the long haul. Let’s come out the other end of it stronger, better and smarter... together.


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On Thursday 12th March Bounty Boulevard State school celebrated Harmony Day. The day was organised by EAL/D Inclusion Teacher Rebecca Norris along with the support of school staff. The theme for this years Harmony Day was 'Everyone Belongs'. Parents and carers were invited to the grand opening of the World Languages Library. This bookshelf is new to the school and has a variety of multilingual and bilingual books for the children who have languages or cultures other than English to take home and enjoy together with their families.

Lots of parents attended and the cultural leaders for the school cut the Harmony Day cake for the morning tea. Parents and members of the community are invited to donate multilingual and bilingual books for the library by dropping books off to the LIC or school front office.

After the grand opening of the World Languages Library the celebrations continued with the Harmony Day Assembly. Children were invited to wear county colours, cultural dress of the harmony day official colour, orange. The whole school attended this assembly showcasing cultural dress from all over the world. A video of children explaining what Harmony Day meant to them within the school was shown and a performance by the Dja Dja Mur Culture and Dance Group was enjoyed by the children and parents who attended.

The festivities continued with staff taking part in a morning tea organised to bring together everyone's cultural backgrounds. The classrooms continued the theme of belonging by creating flags to represent their culture and some classes inviting parents to get involved with cultural morning tea and others with Brazilian song and dance.....

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On Sunday 17 May 2020 the community will be able to participate in the locally run Muddy Colour Run. This is going to be a milestone community event and participants will be able to skip, walk, dance or run their way through an old school commando course with mud pits, lots of obstacles, colour craziness at the colour stations and of course FUN! After the Muddy Colour fun, rinse off in the Wet Zone and grab a bite to eat at the various food trucks in attendance. This very unique event is being co-ordinated by local events company MSK Events and it will be a major fundraiser for the not-for-profit Frederick Marsden Youth Centre. Held on their amazing grounds at Kallangur, the property on the corner of Narangba and Marsden Road was originally established to support orphans and underprivileged boys, by providing shelter, education and developing job skills. Today, that vision not only lives on, it has greatly expanded from the Frederick Marsden Youth Centre into broader community support and services through the Marsden Families Program, which provides Disability Services via NDIS programs as well as Family Support and Counselling Services. For over 90 years the property at Kallangur has been at the centre of community based events and employment programs to support the local community and this event will bring in much needed funds to continue that amazing work. This Event is Proudly brought to our community by Norths Leagues & Services Club, Kallangur. Norths boast a....

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In honour of the tasty icon, IKEA North Lakes will host activities for all from Saturday 7 March – Sunday 8 March. No trip to IKEA is complete without enjoying some meatballs in our IKEA restaurants. To celebrate National Meatball Day on Monday 9 March, IKEA North Lakes is hosting a range of fun activities from Saturday 7 March – Sunday 8 March. Did you know that more than 1 billion IKEA meatballs were sold around the world in 2019? The iconic meatball has a long history within IKEA, celebrating its 35th year in the IKEA Food range this year. In 1985, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad and Swedish chef Severin Sjöstedt set themselves the challenge of creating the perfect meatball recipe. Even within Sweden, opinions vary greatly on how a meatball should taste. Over the course of 10 months, the recipe was refined to reflect a meatball for all of Sweden – bringing together the differing views of the north and south. Now the IKEA meatball family includes 3 variations on the classic dish including the veggie ball, the chicken ball and the new plant-based ball. Join us in-store for Swedish meatball sampling in the Swedish...

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This time award winning local brewery White Brick Brewing, is partnering with one of the top destinations in the area, Caboolture Historical Village, for a Beer v Food Match Up. Utilising the skills of a local head chef, and the award winning beers of a local brewery, a taste bud experience is being prepared. There will of course be food matched with beers, diners will be able to score if the beer matches the food. Will the beers or the food be the winner on the night? What will be the best combination? The Village Hotel will be the venue. This historic venue has the casual charm of a typical Australian Bush Pub. Vivid examples of local history abound, and delight the curious as you soak up the atmosphere. “It could be likened to a Sunday Special, with the things we have planned” said White Brick owner Adam Gibb. “We will be entertaining more than 70 people with awesome beer, spectacular food and great stories from the Social media pages went into a ...

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On Friday 14th February, 2020 at approximately 1.45pm, a serious car accident occurred at the intersection of Diamond Jubilee Way and Discover Drive, North Lakes. The car that was hit, a Honda CR-V, was travelling through the green arrow (the Honda was the THIRD car through the green arrow), when a speeding Audi ran through the red light in the opposite direction, connected with the Honda and flipped the Honda onto the other side of the road and landed on its roof. There was a lady driving the Honda, with no passengers, and she came out of the accident with minimal physical injuries. However, she may be mentally traumatised for some time to come. There were reports that the Audi was seen driving erratically just moments before the accident occurred. Witnesses say it was speeding, swerving, and the driver was distracted at the lights before this intersection, looking at his mobile phone and not going when the light was green. Social media pages went into a ...

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Ever heard of a charity called “Woulfe Pack Lunches”? No? Neither had we, until one day a post popped up on social media that caught our eye!
Tamara and Nathan are a young husband and wife team with 2 young daughters, Hannah and Charlotte. Why are these guys so special? Because like many others, they spend their own time and money to help others who are struggling emotionally and financially when being treated for cancer or other serious diseases.
Back in 2017 and 2019 Tamara lost both her mother and her Nanny to Oesophagus cancer. In her time of grief, Tamara started to think about how she could help those who are being treated for cancer or other serious illnesses. Just something small to help put a smile on their face. Help with the smaller tasks of our daily lives. Just that one small thing to help. This is when she created “Woulfe Pack Lunches”. This is a very new charity and the success of the first packing night and donations given was very overwhelming and encouraged Tamara to keep going.
Woulfe Pack Lunches provide non-perishable lunch packs for families going through treatments of cancer or other life threatening diseases. Every 5 to 6 months Tamara organises a packing night using all the donations collected over the months. Once packed, they are then delivered to those in need. Tamara, Nathan and the girls do everything! From organising donations, to packing the packs, and delivering them to those in need. Tamara is also the director of North Brisbane Real Estate who are the major sponsors of the charity, and all of this is done using their own time and money to start the charity and keep it going, with the generosity of the donations from others. To date, awareness is being raised using their Facebook pages, “Woulfe Pack Lunches” and “North Brisbane Real Estate”.
Their daughters are very much a part of the charity too. Who do you think decorates those bags so beautifully? Yep, Hannah and Charlotte! Sometimes they even get their friends to decorate the bags when they come over for a play date! These two beautiful young angels also donated their entire pocket money to purchase non-perishable food items to go into the packs.
Because the charity is very new, Nathan and Tamara and their girls are the only volunteers. They rely on donations of the generous community. At present, they are trying to source a store that will let them set up a donation bin so that there is a permanent spot people can drop their donations off at. They do collect direct donations now and you can donate too. Just contact the team via their Facebook page or through their mobile number, and they will help direct you to dropping off the donations.
Once all donations are collated, it is time to arrange the packing night. Packing nights are held at Narangba Valley Tavern Function Room and they advertise the nights on their Facebook page. At present it is twice a year, but as the charity grows with more volunteers they will be able to complete more donation deliveries.
Woulfe Pack Lunches need more volunteers to keep this charity going and to help it grow. They need volunteers twice a year to help with deliveries and to pack the bags on packing nights. Donations can be given any time though out the year. Just message them on their Facebook page OR via mobile on 0466 539 255.

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Local Theatre tackles teenage cyber-bullying drama

Performers from Moreton Bay Theatre Company will tackle some of the confronting issues faced by young people in the 21st century, when they present Alana Valentine’s verbatim-based drama, Cyberbile. The challenging play explores issues of bullying, belonging, isolation and identity through a vast range of characters.
The play was written in 2013, when Ms Valentine conducted interviews at the Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney, and has since been described as an enticingly accurate depiction of the anxieties that students and families face surrounding online communities.
Director Timothy Wynn finds great significance in that there is “finally a story that explores cyberbullying in a way that isn’t condescending to young people. It is a play that explores the issues from all sides: victims, bystanders, teachers, parents, and of course the bullies”. The cast includes several local performers, including high school students Lana Tancred, of St Benedict’s College, and Cate Dening of Genesis Christian College. The emotional reality of the piece proves to us that theatre is always about entertainment, but also holds an important educational position to a modern audience.
Cyberbile will perform at the Neverland Theatre, 5A/4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes, from February 20-23. Tickets are available at

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Local Father Beats Cancer and Now Prepares to Ride 1400km to Raise Vital Funds

Andrew and Natasha Smith are an everyday North Lakes local family, raising their 3 children in a modern world. Living what they always thought was a healthy lifestyle together, eating healthy foods, staying active, enjoying life. Then on September 17, 2018 Andrew Smith’s life took a curve ball when he was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma.
“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. A huge part of who I am is eating well and regular exercise. I was dumbfounded and in total disbelief with the diagnosis.” Andy tells me.
“All I knew about Cancer was that it can be associated with death. So I started googling all about it that night. I found out that there was quite a high survival rate with this diagnosis and my mood changed to one of hope. Don’t get me wrong, in the first few weeks there was a little doubt,, but I kept my spirits high, and there really wasn’t a time after that where I thought that I couldn’t beat the disease. ” “My amazing family, Natasha my wife, my 3 children, and my own parents and siblings helped me beat it with all the support they gave me.” Andy started both chemotherapy and radiation therapy and completed his last round in March 2019. He explained that during his treatment, he started to enquire about becoming a part of the “Tour de Cure”, which raises much needed funds for cancer research. Andy first heard about Tour de Cure in 2016 when he saw it pass through the town he was living in.
“I was amazed by the effort everyone had made. The time they took out of their busy schedules to not only raise money and ride, but to stop in towns and talk to us and spread the word of living healthy. Including throughout my children’s school.” When he was going through treatment, I knew I wanted to be a part of this fund raiser in some capacity, when he was done beating the disease.
“I feel amazingly blessed to be able to participate in the signature tour in 2020.” says Andy. Andy is going to participate in the Signature Tour in March this year. They will travel on bicycles from Newcastle, then head inland to the Hunter Valley wine region before meandering north. The tour will ride through the northern tablelands countryside before crossing the border to the sunshine state, and finishing in the popular holiday destination of Noosa Queensland. What is Andy’s goal of the tour? “I have a personal target of $20,000 that I want to raise towards this event. To date, Tour de Cure has raised $50million, with a goal for the 2020 event of an additional $11million.” Before I said goodbye, Noah, the eldest child of Andy and Natasha, sat down with me and we spoke about how he and his siblings coped through a time that no one wishes upon anyone. Noah is a very mature young man and was able to describe it all to me in great detail. I was very impressed by the pride that he had of his father. (the entire family shared the same pride)
He explained the moment they were told about their Dad’s diagnosis. He says he remembers it as clear as day. “My parents told us while we were eating lunch. I could tell something was wrong as soon as we sat down because they both had frowns on their faces. It was really quiet and awkward for maybe 5 minutes and you could tell they were nervous. Then they told us the news. We didn’t know much about cancer, and as they days went on we realised what we were in for. We started thinking of all the different scenarios and outcomes, including the worst which was to lose Dad.
For a few weeks there were lots of tears. Lots! I remember the first time we smiled and laughed since the diagnosis. It was some time later and Dad was losing his hair from his treatment. He said it was time to shave it off. I didn’t think it would, but it brightened us up but it really did. That was the only really bright experience of watching Dad go through treatment. The rest was not fun.”

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North Lakes Deck Party the place to be this Australia Day

Sunday 26th January at North Lakes Sports Club!

The Banyan Deck will be home to North Lakes Sports Club’s Australia Day festivities on Sunday 26th January. With a pop-up bar, fresh seafood and skewers available for purchase, the free Australia Day Deck Party is the place to celebrate this Australia Day! The kids will be entertained in the air conditioned Discovery Lounge with a free jumping castle, face painting and balloon twister.
The big kids will also have plenty on offer with live entertainment out on the deck by soloist Michelle Rau and the opportunity to take home best-dressed prizes! “Our free Deck Party is set to be a vibrant event and perfect for those wishing to celebrate Australia Day with friends,” commented Mr Larkin, Venue Manager. “Doors open from 12pm on Sunday 26th January and lead into the evening Sunday Afternoon Raffles straight after this free event concludes at 3pm! “With meat trays and more up for grabs, the raffles are the perfect accompaniment to any Australia Day celebration continuing on the public holiday.” North Lakes Sports Club continues its Australia Day festivities with a $7K Bingo Super Session on Monday 27th January with eyes down from 11am. To find out more about North Lakes Sports Club’s Australia Day festivities, visit or call the club on 1300 006 572 today.

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Think different, adopt different - PETstock North Lakes takes the lead for National Pet Adoption Day

as part of National Pet Adoption Day, an initiative of PETstock's charity PETstock Assist with support from event partner PetRescue.
The past five Adoption Days have found homes for nearly 3,000 animals across Australia, and this year PETstock Assist is aiming to find forever homes for another 1,000 rescue pets across its 145 stores. Olympian, television personality and animal rescue advocate Giaan Rooney is also supporting the initiative this year, encouraging Australians to adopt not shop for pets.
Giaan, who grew up raising rescues, is urging Australians to adopt different in 2020; to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to animal adoption and consider a pet they haven't before.
"It was love at first sight with my most recent rescue, Lester," she says. "Despite being one leg short, Lester was the perfect dog: obedient, easy to train, loving and grateful. He gave me so much and wanted so little in return. His passing last year still makes me tear up today. "Our family will certainly be rescuing again when we're ready for a new pet and I encourage all would-be owners looking for a pet to consider adoption."
PETstock Assist Charity and Events Coordinator, Jess Guilfoyle, says 'Adopt Different' is a call to would-be owners to think differently about adopting a pet. "We want people to be open to different types of animals and breeds, to make considered and sustainable choices, and to give rescue pets a chance at a better life," she says. "Contrary to popular belief many animals are surrendered to rescue groups through no fault of their own. Like little Lester, who was surrendered after suffering a broken leg requiring medical attention and amputation.
"We're encouraging all animal-lovers to attend Adoption Day on February 15, to meet pets in need, educate themselves on adoption and reconsider any biases they may have towards rescue animals.
“All pets deserve a safe and loving forever home and through initiatives like this we hope to break the cycle of pet homelessness." PetRescue Co-Founder, Vickie Davy, has seen firsthand the incredible bonds that form when new owners open their mind and adopt different. "A lot of people start their search for a new pet with a certain type, breed, or age in mind. However, your perfect match might not be the pet you think,"
she says.

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Builder appointed to 1.7-hectare mixed-use development in North Lakes

Queensland construction firm McNab has been awarded the multi-million dollar build contract for the Laguna North Lakes mixed-used precinct.

Due to commence work in 2020, the Queensland-based builder was appointed the contract by developers Pointcorp and the George Group, with the build expected to span two-and-a-half years.
Designed by renowned Brisbane architects Richards and Spence, in collaboration with acclaimed firm Nettleton Tribe, Laguna will invigorate Queensland's fastest growing area. Located 25 kilometres from Brisbane, on North Lakes Drive, the project will include 1.7 hectares of community space – a lagoon-style pool, high street shopping and dining scene, function, gym and wellness spaces, TRYP hotel by Wyndham and two-levels of basement carparking.
George Group Director, Patrick George explained that appointing a reliable contractor with proven outputs is key to the success of the development.
"A project with intrinsic elements of this scale requires a reliable contractor, renowned for quality outputs. McNab's proven ability to safely and efficiently deliver high-end developments ultimately settled the agreement", said George Group Director, Patrick George. McNab Sunshine Coast Construction... read more on page 6 of our December 21 edition.

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Special holiday reunion for father & son musical duo

Ask anyone and most will tell you, Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and friends. This couldn’t be truer for Thomas Armstrong-Robley and his father, Dave Robley, who are preparing for a huge performance at this years Pine Rivers Christmas Carols.
At 25, Thomas has spent the last 3 years travelling to over 20 countries performing concerts, singing on board major cruise lines and releasing his debut album ‘A Song For You: Live In Concert’. He hasn’t celebrated the holidays at home since 2016 but this year he returns to where it all began to celebrate Christmas with his loved ones and to perform for residents of the Moreton Bay Region. When asked how the concept came about, Thomas said “Initially I was approached about hosting and performing at the event but quickly I realised there was an opportunity to create something more, a special moment between father and son that truly encapsulates the holiday spirit”. And so the stage was set, Dave and Thomas sat down and created ‘Home For Christmas’, a musical segment that would not only bring the pair together for their first public performance but also echo the sentiments of the 1988 song by Chris Rea about a man coming home for Christmas. But if you think this is just a gimmick designed to tug on your heart strings, it’s absolutely not. Dave himself has decades of international experience as a musician in various bands and musical acts. Beginning in the North of England, he worked alongside charttopping bands including The Bay City Rollers and Sweet touring throughout the UK and Europe. “I’m looking forward to working with my son, it will be the first time we work on stage together and hopefully not the last” said Dave The two team up for the first time performing popular Christmas hits including Merry Christmas Everyone, Fairytale of New York, Blue Christmas, Last Christmas and the aforementioned Chris Rea hit, Driving Home For Christmas. “I’m thrilled to be teaming with Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism once again and to be partnering with my dad is the icing on an already beautiful cake” said Armstrong-Robley You can catch Thomas Armstrong-Robley & Dave Robley in ‘Home For Christmas’ from 5pm on December 15th at the Pine Rivers Christmas Carols.

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The Morrison Government's $19.6 million Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity grants program is now open.

Luke Howarth MP, Federal Member for Petrie, is encouraging local organisations to apply for the grants, which aim to break down the barriers to people getting active and bring communities together.
“Australia is one of the world's great sporting nations but not all Aussies come from sporting backgrounds,” Mr Howarth said. “Playing sport is a great way to be a part of the community so it's important we provide a helping hand for people to get involved, particularly people with disabilities, new migrants and indigenous people.
“These grants will also help build on the fantastic participation boom our Government is supporting in women and girls' sport. “We want everyone to feel welcome to join in at our local sporting clubs because sport is a big part of our way of life in Petrie.” Special Olympics gold medallist and Bracken Ridge resident Jay Nardi said the grants were a great way to promote inclusion in sports. “In Australia we like to give things a go so these grants will give the opportunity to those who might find it a little harder to participate a go,”
said Mr Nardi.
The grants are open to applications from not-for-profit organisations including local community organisations, sporting organisations and local government entities and are available to assist the following community groups to get involved in sport and recreational activities:
·Newly arrived migrants and refugees
·People with a physical or mental disability
·Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; and

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:
·Engaging with community organisations to deliver sport and physical activity projects
·Coaching clinics to teach sports skills and techniques
·Participation in local sports competition
·Instruction in exercise and physical activity classes delivered by qualified instructors
·Research and data collection; and
·Recruitment and engagement of translators required to deliver the activities.
Grants close 2pm on Thursday 12 December Australian Eastern Daylight Time (1pm Queensland time). Further information about the Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity Grant Opportunity (GO2645) is available from the GrantConnect website.

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We certainly have some champions living among us here in North Lakes, and they come from all aspects of life, but today we want to introduce you to the local martial arts club called ATA Martial Arts, where some of their students from the ages of 10 to 16 have recently been competing overseas in the ESPN Wide World of Sports “Fall National Championships” in Florida, USA and they returned home with many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals too.
So, I went down to the studio when there was a training session in place, and it wasn’t just for the kids. To my surprise I got to see a wide variety of ages on the mats and all training. Watching them simply warm up showed me how much passion they all have and I even got a chance to chat to a few of the students too. What pride they ooze whilst wearing their uniform, and even more so for those with medals to showcase for me.
ATA Martial Arts is owned by Suzi Sandfort and her daughter Lakeiya. Both ladies are also teachers in the studio too. Suzi started martial arts when she was just 6, and has been into it for 40 years now.
“Dad put me into Karate and Judo. I chose Taekwondo in my teens and have stuck with it since” Suzi said. “My daughter, Lakeiya, was basically born on the mats. She's now 24 and competes world wide as well as teaching when at home in the studio.”
“In March of 2018, Lakeiya and I opened this full time training studio, in North Lakes followed by full time studios in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast too. Previously we ran clubs in those areas and converted them to full time facilities.”
As I sat and watched the variety of adults and children practising their training, I could feel a real sense of respect everyone has for each other as well as the studio. But then I noticed that there were a lot of families around me. Not only were there family that were onlookers, but it appeared that parents, children and siblings were participating all together. I asked Suzi if I was correct in assuming that there were families who are members and come together to train.

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RnB Dance Fitness Classes Take off with help from Hit 105's Abby Coleman

Women from both the Northside and Southside of Brisbane were given a rare opportunity to attend a free RnB dance fitness class run by Gillian and her Crew from R&B Dance Fitness with Abby Coleman from Hit 105 Breakfast show.

Women from both the Northside and Southside of Brisbane were given a rare opportunity to attend a free RnB dance fitness class run by Gillian and her Crew from R&B Dance Fitness with Abby Coleman from Hit 105 Breakfast show.
Hundreds of women stepped out of their comfort zones and shook their booty's to RnB's well-known hits from Beyoncé, Destiny's Child and Janet Jackson. The classes were held at St Columban's Caboolture on the 1st of November and at John Paul College Daisy Hill on the 8th of November, in the lead up to Hit 105's well-known RnB Fridays Live Concert held on the 15th of November. Tickets were up for grabs for those that rocked the best dance moves during the classes.
Abby was invited to come join R&B dance classes with local girl Gillian and Abby said that her first reaction was to say no because she wanted to wait until she had lost the weight she had gained after having her third baby.
'I think so many of us women say I will do that dance class when I loose weight or when I get more confident, rather than just going no do it now and do something that challenges you and then you actually get more confident [as a result]', Abby said.
She said that a lot of women tend to put themselves second and these dance classes are for all woman whether you can dance or not. There is no judgement, just encouragement from other woman.
The R & B stands for Resilient and Balanced Fitness and was created by Gillian as a result of suffering personal traumatic life events that put her in a really bad place that she felt she couldn't get out of.
'I was just in a dark and horrible place and I was actually severely depressed and I put on quite a lot of weight as a result and I didn't think I would be able to get into doing the things that I loved again, but my supportive husband used to drag me out into the garage and get me moving again [by RnB dancing] until I just knew I had to snap out of it ……so I put together a pop up dance class in Brisbane and 150 woman showed up, it was amazing, and it's just taken off since', Gillian said.
She said that women not only get the obvious physical results from doing the classes, but women can also expect a whole lot more mentally and emotionally.
'Really what I wanted to do was to share with other woman that might be going through some really tough times, a space for them that they can feel good about themselves and just you know see that light that they can get through it', said Gillian.
WEEKLY CLASSES WILL BEGIN in JANUARY 2020. To keep up-to-date with pop-up classes and the soon to come weekly classes, follow their social pages:
Instagram R & B Dance Fitness Facebook page, R & B Dance Fitness

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North Lakes Market Zone are back in the hands of true locals!

North Lakes Market Zone is under new management…well kind of new.

MSK Events are very excited to announce that they have purchased back the North Lakes Market Zone. MSK launched the Market Zone originally, but due to concern over their workload, their wee local family run business made the heart wrenching decision to sell. BUT, they absolutely could not stay away and jumped at the chance to run this Market Zone again when the opportunity arose.
The Market Zone will still run the last Sunday of each month (except for their Christmas special), at the picturesque Lake Eden, from 8am to 1pm. The Market Zone will showcase a wide variety of stallholders including handmade products, speciality items and mouth-watering food. There will be competitions, live music, local group performances, giant games, free fitness sessions and they encourage families to bring a picnic rug and make a day of it.
They are asking for the support of the North Lakes Community to elevate this Market and to support all the amazing local vendors that attend each month. Without the support of the North Lakes community they will not be able to have such a fantastic event in our local area.
The next market is Sunday 24 November and will have over 50 different market stalls in attendance. This is a perfect opportunity to start some Christmas shopping and pick up some handmade unique items.
Their last event for the year is the Christmas special on Sunday 22 December. They will have some fun activities for the kids and a visit from Santa as well. This is perfect timing to pick up the last of your Christmas gifts and spend the day relaxing lakeside.
If you are interested in having a market stall, performing, sponsoring and activity or being involved in an event, please contact MSK Events via:
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MSK Events is a local family owned and operated professional event management business. With loads of passion, dedication and pride on creating unique experiences. MSK specialise in creating community events like markets, pop up twilight events and speciality food festivals.
As well as bringing their own creative events to the community, they also work with local businesses, schools and groups to bring to life community events at their locations.
Contact - Kirstin Calder, MSK Events

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Local talent gear up for an Ice Spectacular

Boondal Figure Ice Skating Club are bringing to you their ice skating spectacular this Christmas.

Directed by Maureen Sumner & Kate Endriulaitis, Boondal Figure Ice Skating Club are bringing to you their ice skating spectacular this Christmas.
Not only are both women directing the show, they are also in charge of the choreography, while Kate is performing an aerial number in the show.
Boondall Figure Ice Skating Club was formed in 1995 to help support local skaters in various ways. Last year they put on their first show in 10 years, giving the skaters an opportunity to experience being part of such an exciting show. Which is very different to the competitive side of figure skating that these skaters are so used to.
The show is a collection of Christmas music from over the years. With 60 skaters ranging from 4 years old to adults who are in their 40's, ranging from the Tiny Tots level, to skate school skaters, right through to the senior level skaters. Some of which are Australian International representative skaters.
Last's years show had a cast of 42. This year they have a cast of 60. They are performing a longer show, with more songs, totally 22 routines.
“It's been great to see the community and friendships develop between skaters, parents and volunteers. Last year we had kids coming up to us with ideas for this year's show before we'd even finished, so it was definitely a hit with the kids and we have most of them back again this year. The joy and fun that they had with this different outlet is amazing and we love seeing the growth that this experience gives our skaters of all ages and levels together supporting one another.” says the club’s secretary, Natalie Stevenson.
“We also have multiple families skating together. Yvette, Emma and Abbey are sisters, but we also have families consisting of not just brothers or sisters, but parents and children, and even an uncle and his nieces.
Our skaters will generally train for one hour a week, but can sometimes be training up to 10 hours a week depending on ice availability and how many numbers the skaters are involved in.
This can include 6am starts on a Sunday which tends to be the main day figure skaters to get to sleep in! In the last two weeks there will be an increase with final practices, fine tuning and full run throughs. This is in addition to their standard training schedule and some of our skaters are still training for National and International competitions.”
For more about the show visit
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Bob Hawke, Gone but not forgotten

The Prime Minister’s Cup continues

In 1984 the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Dean Wells MP, co-presented the inaugural Prime Minister’s Cup.
A charter, now on display at the Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club, compiled and set by the presenters, provided a number of requirements. The most important clause was that the event continue to be named the Prime Minister’s Cup transcending all political views.
It was stated at the time that this trophy is a personal trophy, not a government trophy, even though one co-presenter was Prime Minister at the time the Cup was inaugurated. Because the name is derived from an historical event, it will be known as the Prime Minister’s Cup for the life of the trophy.
The Charter provided that rules may be waived, added to or varied only by Mr Dean Wells or his heirs. Throughout the history of the Prime Minister’s Cup competition since 1984, Mr Wells has continued to be a vital part of the operations.
The Cup was originally inaugurated at the then Redcliffe City Bowls Club, to be played by teams of two men and two ladies in the Federal Electorate of Petrie. This was quickly extended to allow any mixed teams to compete for the trophy each year.
Through changing financial times and the merging of the Redcliffe City and RSL Services Club and newly named Redcliffe City RSL Bowls club met the provisions of the Charter and the trophy continued.
Redcliffe City RSL Bowls was the oldest club on the Peninsula with a history spanning 84 years. Unfortunately though, the club closed its doors in December 2010 due to concerns about the concerns of the aged clubhouse.
Dean Wells amended the charter to allow Deception Bay Bowls Club would be the venue for the 2011 cup.
In 2015 the Deception Bay Bowls Club won the Cup, unfortunately this was to be the year the club closed due to financial problems. Again Mr Wells amended the Charter to agree to allow Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club to host the Prime Minister’s Cup from 2016.
For a competition that has been running for 36 years, the Prime Minister’s Cup has overcome changing fortunes but shows no sign of losing its popularity and remains an annual challenge for many bowlers. The event is an invitational mixed fours bowls competition of two men and two women.
For this year's event all 19 clubs in the Moreton Bay District have been asked to send along a representative team, and Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club hope to draw a large field this year in remembrance of Bob Hawke's passing on 16th May, 2019.
Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club will host the annual Prime Minister’s Cup on Sunday 10th November at 9.30am. Visitors are welcome to watch the teams in action at the Club at 1351 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur from 9.30am with play expected to finish at 3.30pm.
The cup is sponsored by Steven Miles MP Member for Murrumba, Chris Whiting MP Member for Bancroft. Peter Dutton Federal Member for Dickson.
For more details contact the club on 3285 2267 or visit

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Employers could face jail time

Sham contracting, unpaid super, underpayment of wages and misuse of ABNs

Employers found to be deliberately or recklessly engaging in wage theft could find themselves in jail, after the Palaszczuk Government accepted in principle making wage theft a criminal offence following a Parliamentary Inquiry earlier in the year. The inquiry found that wage theft is affecting an incredible one-in-five, Queensland workers.
Wage theft comes in a variety of forms and can include:
•paying the incorrect hourly rate
•'sham' contracting – making employees work as contractors on ABNs
•not paying penalty rates for overtime hours and weekend or public holiday work
•paying cash in hand
•payment 'in kind' (e.g. meals, retail discounts)
•requiring prospective employees to work unpaid trial or 'test' shifts
•requiring employees to work through their breaks or to turn up to work early or stay after closing time to close up
•requiring employees to spend their own money on costs that are the cost of running a business (equipment, training, insurance excesses etc)
•not paying employees for attending training or even doing online training, or for attending staff meetings.
The Palaszczuk Government tabled its response to the parliament’s Education, Employment and Small Business committee inquiry into wage theft in Queensland and urged Scott Morrison and the Federal Government to take action to address wage theft on a national level.
In its report, the committee made 17 recommendations aimed at eliminating wage theft and ensuring workers get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and the government has accepted, or accepted in principle, all of the recommendations.
“Six of the recommendations are within the Queensland Government’s jurisdiction and deal with providing better public information and education, ensuring our procurement policies allow for action to the taken against employers that have underpaid workers and taking action to ensure that wage recovery processes for Queensland workers are simple, quick and low-cost," Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said at the time.
“Eleven of the 17 recommendations made in the report are matters for the Federal Government to consider. It’s time for Scott Morrison to show some leadership and take action.”
The federal government said it is committed to introducing strong and effective criminal sanctions to help stamp out deliberate and systematic wage theft by Australian employers, stating work on legislation is already underway but before a draft Bill is finalised, community feedback is being sought to help inform the development of a new offence and penalty regime, which will include significant jail terms and heavy fines for serious offences...

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Be prepared for wild weather

Get Ready Week 2019

Flash flooding, bushfires and drought have almost staples in our waether this time of year but if a flood or fire swept through the Moreton Bay Region tomorrow, would you be prepared?
October 13-19 is the official Queensland Government Get Ready Week — an annual reminder for residents and business owners to prepare for the state’s infamously wild spring and summer weather.
Local Disaster Management Group Chair and Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division 2, Peter Flannery, said the best place to start was to understand your risk.
“Think about the places where you spend the most amount of time; it’s probably your workplace, the family home and maybe your kids’ school or sporting club,” Councillor Flannery said.
“Are these places at risk of flooding or bushfires, is there only one way in and one way out?
“Jump onto council’s website to look up the flood and bushfire risk of any address in the region. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can start preparing for it.”
Councillor Flannery said the next step was knowing where to get information and warnings from in the lead up to and during a disaster.
“Register for MoretonAlert, a free severe weather warning service operated by council. MoretonAlerts are sent via text to mobiles, emails and recorded messages to landlines,” Councillor Flannery said.
“And follow the Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police Service and council on social media.”
Once you know your risk and where to get information and warnings from, Councillor Flannery said it was time to put together an evacuation plan for your family.
“If you need to evacuate your home or if you can't get home during a disaster, where will you go?” Councillor Flannery said.
“Organise ahead of time to stay with a family member or a friend as evacuation centres provide basic needs with none of the comforts of home and should be considered a last-resort.”
And if you’ve been putting off cleaning the gutters of your family home, or storing that important paperwork for your business, there’s no time like the present.
“I know it can be difficult to set aside time to prepare for a nightmare situation, but a little preparation now can save a lot of panic and heartache later,” Councillor Flannery said.
“Queensland is a beautiful place to live but the weather isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
“Floods, fires and cyclones are part of life in Queensland and while we can’t prevent them, we can prepare for them.”

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Council targeting mozzies

Today and Tomorrow

Moreton Bay Regional Council will continue its mosquito aerial treatment program on Thursday 3 Octoberfrom 7.30am for all southern blocks in Rothwell, Clontarf, Kippa-Ring, Griffin, Mango Hill, Lawnton and Deception Bay.

The treatment will continue on Friday 4 October from 7:30am for all northern blocks including Burpengary East, Uhlmann Road, Beachmere, Ningi, Donnybrook, Toorbul, Elimbah and Bribie Island. 

Treatment targets mosquito larvae before they have the chance to emerge into adults.By targeting the mosquito larvae where they breed, these treatments reduce the number of mosquitoes that become adults.

Although it’s not possible to eradicate mosquitoes entirely from our communities, council and residents can work together on keeping their numbers down.

Residents are encouraged to take precautions as well to protect themselves and their properties.

Empty any containers around your property which might be holding water - as little as 100ml of water is enough for more than 400 adult mosquitoes to develop in just one week.

Spray screens and outdoor surfaces with barrier treatments which contain the active ingredient bifenthrin.

This active ingredient lasts for six to eight weeks and will kill mosquitoes which land where it has been sprayed. It’s readily available from hardware shops.

Wear insect repellent if you’re heading outside at dawn and dusk as these are times when mosquitoes are most active.

For more information about mosquito management visit:

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FLASHDANCE comes to the local stage

QUEENSLAND PREMIERE at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre this week

Back in the Eighties, Flashdance was a phenomenon. The global breakout 1983 film has now been brought to the stage as Flashdance the Musical and the Pine Rivers Musical Association (PRIMA) will be presenting the Queensland Premiere this week at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre.
Flashdance The Musical tells the inspiring and unforgettable story of 18 year old Alex, a steel worker by day and 'flashdancer' by night, who dreams of going to the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy and becoming a professional dancer. When a romance complicates her ambitions, she harnesses it to drive her dream.
Featuring a cast of nearly 40 performers, supported by a live band and under the creative guidance of seasoned professionals David Harrison (Director), Shelley Marshall (Choreographer) and Wendy Bird (Musical Director), Flashdance the Musical is a spectacle of dance, iconic music and special effects – including the iconic water drop.
Leading the cast is local talent Aleisha Rose, who joined the cast with an impressive film and television resume including working opposite Hugh Jackman in ‘The Wolverine’ and featuring as the lead role in feature film ‘Arrowhead’. Closer to home, Aleisha was the host of Channel 7’s ‘Lab Rat’s Challenge’ as well as the lead character in ‘Toybox’ on Network Seven.
“The show is an inspirational celebration of dance and art, featuring some of the best performers in South East Queensland. I couldn’t be prouder of what we have created together and can’t wait for audience to see this spectacular show,” said Director David Harrison.
Flashdance the Musical will run for two weeks, with a total of eight shows running from 27 September to 6 October.
For more information and ticket sales, visit

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Oh Hello Bride Grand Opening

Wedding super-service opens at North Lakes

Last Thursday night, highly anticipated new bridal boutique Oh Hello Bride held the grandest of grand openings with many brides-to-be keen to have a glimpse inside.
Oh Hello Bride is the only bridal boutique in North Lakes and owner Jodie says all brides will be treated to a 5 star experience. The skilled staff believe in true customer service and providing the utmost attention to even the smallest details. They include decor experts, a fine tailor, graphic designer and photographer.
With the launch range Oh Hello Bride can fit and supply the latest and greatest European gowns, English gowns, American gowns, and can even supply or rework classic vintage gowns.
As well as wedding dresses the team supply headpieces and veils, capes, muffs and gloves, bouquets, jewelry and gifts.
Of much interest at the launch was the Barbie to Be service. Each bride who purchases a dress from Oh Hello Bride, will receive a unique Barbie in the exact same wedding dress.
Oh Hello Bride can be found at Suite 5C Lakes Vista, 2 Flinders Parade North Lakes. For more information visit

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